In a time of shattered hopes and dreams
A world that's broken at the seams

To the very end through joy and strife
Without a friend, what good is life

14 dagar

Ja idag är det bara två veckor kvar till julafton, 10 arbetsdagar kvar till julledigheten som detta året varar i strax över 2 veckor. Mycket välbehövligt! Efter denna hösten och inför kommande vår behöver jag all vila jag kan få.

Som planerna ser ut nu blir det resor v. 3,4,5 och 10. Sen kommer det kanskt till fler. Det blir resor runt i Europa och till Asien och tiden kommer bara att flyga iväg.

Igår flyttade vi in Carro i dörren bredvid min så nu har jag den bästa granne man kan tänka sig och även en superfin kattvakt. Almas bästa kompis bor lika nära som min nu (:

Jobb jobb..
It's a shame that you came here with someone..


Some girls find it easy to take things whith ease
Some girls don't need to try very hard to make it
Some girls live their lives just the way they want to
Other girls need someone to hold their hand thru hard times
Some can make it all on their own, don't need anyone
Other girls are scared of every step they have to take

There may come times when there is no time to think before
But afterwords, that's when they get insecure
It may feel perfect in the moment but a nightmare after

Where should I be and where am I now ?
Today I feel insecure because I realised that my next step is close
What will I do if I will be all alone
Maybe there will be no hand to hold when taking that step
Nobody to talk to and no shoulder to cry on
Just alone with thoughts

I may miss everything that is now
I may want to go back at times
It wouldn't be easy, I know
But would it be right?
And is there any way to find out?

Shattered it's called,


everywhere i go, you are on my mind
everything i lay my eyes on, envisages you
can't you teach me to control my thoughts?
a wanna learn to control myself

everything that turns up in my mind
is a reminder of how much i adore you
the way you make me beg and plead
for more of your amazing being

if i could explain the way you make me feel
you wouldn't understand, words are superfluous
no marching star could shine as bright
as my soul does when you are around

don't ever think i will get enough..
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