Some girls find it easy to take things whith ease
Some girls don't need to try very hard to make it
Some girls live their lives just the way they want to
Other girls need someone to hold their hand thru hard times
Some can make it all on their own, don't need anyone
Other girls are scared of every step they have to take

There may come times when there is no time to think before
But afterwords, that's when they get insecure
It may feel perfect in the moment but a nightmare after

Where should I be and where am I now ?
Today I feel insecure because I realised that my next step is close
What will I do if I will be all alone
Maybe there will be no hand to hold when taking that step
Nobody to talk to and no shoulder to cry on
Just alone with thoughts

I may miss everything that is now
I may want to go back at times
It wouldn't be easy, I know
But would it be right?
And is there any way to find out?

Shattered it's called,

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